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University of Maryland CCS National Championship Shirt

As a member of the University of Maryland Club Swimming team all four years of my college experience, I was commissioned my senior year to design the shirt that our team would sport at the College Club Swimming National Championships, hosted at Ohio State University. I started with my sketchbook, brainstorming ways to organize the proper information while also delivering an awesome and captivating UMD theme. I ultimately landed on our school mascot, Testudo, wearing swim goggles and celebrating victory in the pool. Then, I moved into Adobe Illustrator to breathe color and a sharp style into the design, along with using fonts that pair well with the illustration. After this, I designed the front of the shirt with a simple UMD logo in front of a splash of water. It was a great experience getting to design something for a team and sport that I love, and that would be represented by a whole college on a national stage.

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