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PETA "Save the Humans" Ad Campaign

As a project for a graphic design class, I worked in collaboration with three other classmates as a group to create an ad campaign for PETA. The issue that we chose to tackle for our campaign was ending the use of animal hairs and skins in the fashion industry, but we wanted to do it in a new, refreshing manner. As opposed to the traditional fear tactics and photoshopped look of some PETA campaigns, my team and I decided to go down the route of smart humor and vivid illustration to capture the eye of the viewer. I started with sketching several animal cartoon characters in my sketchbook along with different fashion items with a human spin on them. Then I moved into Adobe Illustrator along with my group to flesh out the designs digitally. With these assets, I created a series of magazine poster ads, published by the fictional organization AETP (Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People).

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