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Re:act Road Safety Campaign

The University of Maryland graphic design school worked in collaboration with road safety program Re:act to promote shared responsibility on the road for the 17-25 age group of road users through billboard and poster ads. To start, two of my classmates and I composed a short survey and advertised it to our community. With the data and responses that we gathered, I put together an initial slide presentation, which I presented to representatives of the IIHS and HLDI, on the takeaways, projected direction, and a few concepts for my project. I emphasized the use of appropriate humor in place of cliché fear tactics, bold illustration, and short but impactful slogans. Then I moved to my sketchbook to develop a more detailed sketch of my idea and then to Adobe Illustrator to create the digitally refined design in both landscape and portrait formats. Once my project was completed, I put together a final, second slide presentation to give to the representatives of the IIHS and HLDI. Check out the links to my initial and final slides containing my research and insights below!

Bus Stop Poster Mockup
Billboard Mock-Up
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