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UMD RecWell Esports Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer for the University of Maryland's Esports program, I was tasked with designing branding/promotional material to be used on social media and during matches, reimagining popular characters from the games Overwatch, Valorant, and League of Legends as the iconic school mascot, Testudo. The character designs are now being used as assets assembled into social media posts as well as gameday broadcasting material for the Esports competitive season. I primarily used Adobe Illustrator to complete the designs but started off of preliminary sketches on paper. This experience gave me lots of valuable practice in organizing, exporting, and transmitting files in various formats for present or future use by other teams of the Esports program as well as producing designs that met brand standards while communicating with the Esports creative team and supervisors.

Esports Promo Material (Sample)
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