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Uncle Ben's General Store Mock-Up

I got in touch with a client who was interested in rebranding a local liquor store business in Providence, RI. The client said that he wanted a more friendly and inviting exterior to the store to attract more customers, so I was tasked with creating a refreshing mock-up rendering. He asked to remove the bars and alcohol branding from the windows and doors, make the building a lighter shade of gray, and to add flowers to the windows along with "Uncle Ben's branding." Descriptors that I was given to assist in the client's vision included "lighter", "slick", "illustrative", "retro", and "cool-looking text/word art."

Uncle Ben's General Store Final Mock-Up

I started with digital brainstorming of several concepts on an artboard in Illustrator, and then made another artboard to bring my designs into the mock-up which I traced and recolored based off of the Google Maps photo. The flowers were taken from an image I took of a house not too far from me that I made a clipping mask of in Illustrator. It was difficult to gain additional information about the business to add further detail and personality than what the client suggested because there was no official website or social media presence other than a news article.

I produced 3 distinct designs along with additional ideas in the margins throughout this design process, checking in with the client about the vision and corroborating opinions for each iteration to decide next steps. An important detail was that the store owner is Nigerian, so I symbolized the national flag in the green and white stripes present in the final design. Lastly, the client decided to rebrand the store from a liquor store to a general store, widening the diversity of products sold and thus improving business. In the end, the client was very satisfied with the mock-up and is in negotiations with the business owner to start progress on rebranding!

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